About Organizing

It’s been a long time.  I just haven’t been able to get it together to post.  When I try to be perfect nothing gets done.  Nothing looks right and I have to do it over.

When I put everything away and in order I forget where things are.  My daughter used to say that I hide things from myself.  So true.  I have a messey drawer but I know where everything is.  At last it’s spring and I can check my clothes and see what I need for spring.  I am putting the winter clothes away.  I  will donate some to a shelter like I always do.  I  have a lot of spring/summer clothes so I don’t need to go on a big shopping trip.

I just saw an advertisement for Nikes and then one for Scetchers.  My mind is opened now to that but I don’t want to have to go.  I can be a bit of a shopaholic.  That;s all for now.  Maybe I’ll write more later.  I am going to post in my blogs more.  I have about three. Any comments or suggestions will be welcomed.




OCD Or What?

I often do some things that irritating to me.  I put things away and then decide to change them around.  I just finished doing this, changing my things in my makeup and desk dresser around. 

I decide the boxes I have with makeup and those trays just below the vanity table just don’t look right.  After about a half hour or forty five minutes of putting this here and there, sorting makeup and pins, etc. out I decide that the plastic drawers I replace what was previously there are fine.

However I know that it’ll take some will power and talking to myself not to change things a little tomorrow.  OCD?  I think it’s a touch of it.  I went to bed trying to sleep one night and couldn’t because I was going over and over in my mind thinking what I did all day and what I didn’t do.

Many days or night I have to tell myself to stop doing this.  You can’t do it all in one day.  Some times I just take a day off, put everything out of my mind and decide to just relax.  I feel I’m burned out have to just stop.  I may  have a beauty day do my hair and nails, have my mocha, play my favorite CD’s and just put everything out of my mind.

Sometimes I’ll just catch up on all my interests and hobbies, read that book I’ve been putting off, play my favorite piano solos on the keyboard and catch up on my scrapbooking.  After a day like this I’m ready to start again without being frustrated and stressed out.

I took today off to run errands and that’s always fun for me because I get takeout and buy fun things.  Tomorrow is Monday and I’ll just start the week by writing my to do list.  No.  I won’t try to do all that.  I’ll just mostly get the house in order and ready for the next week.

Everything else will just fall in place.