On Organizing-Yearly

Once or twice a year I clean and declutter.  The closets began to look junky with shoes or shoeboxes almost falling out.  I find that my clothes are smashed together and my drawers begin to be overfilled.  I notice I have lots of clothes but like certain ones and make a point of wearing them.  Some hang there waiting to be discarded or given to somebody who can use them.

I’ve been cleaning and decluttering for two days.  I also included a cosmetic box with toiletries and creams, etc that I have too much of.  I find that I have shoes in a closet that I had for a year or two that I never wear.  Mostly because they aren’t comfortable.

I purge and pack these things up to send to the shelter and at the same time making a list of new clothes I need.  Well the shelter won’t be able to pick them up until almost a week from today.  Therefore I am stuck with a messy room of containers.  However I feel so much better with neat closets and drawers and everything clean.

Thanks for letting me vent and I hope you have picked up a tip or two.

It’s That Time Again

Here it is.  Another season has come.  It’s spring and I love the spring weather.  It tells me it’s time to wear lighter clothes.  Do I wait until Easter to wear my white blazer and white shoes.  No the blazer just fits in for this weather.  White shoes?  I don’t know since I don’t see any others wearing them.  Maybe I’ll be daring and one of the first to wear them.

I’m checking my clothes, getting out cottons and light material ones.  I try them on, hoping that they fit. Well if they are small maybe it’s okay since I have body issues and sometimes wear clothes too big for me.  I am reinventing and looking for spring/summer clothes when I shop.  I am putting away winter clothes reminding myself that I have to get moth balls to store them and glowing in the fact some of last year’s clothes look new.

How about you?  What are you doing?

A Little Home Improvement

I had an old desk I bought at a yard sale in my room. It was practical and sturdy. However I decided I wanted a new look for my room and a different desk. I had looked in stores and not quite found what I wanted. I looked online and found one that cost $240.00 and I was thinking about getting it. However my husband had one similar in the spare room and offered it to me. I was extremely happy because I always liked it.

It matched my bedroom set and was a little bigger than the one I had. That gave me more drawer space and it was big enough to use it as a desk/vanity table. We bought a big gold framed mirror and put over it. We also put a small mirror on my wall for decoration. Now my room has a new look and I have a better desk and vanity table. I kept the older desk instead of buying a new one because I like it. Sometimes the saying they don’t make them ;like they use to is true.

Daily Post Fireside Chat: To An Imaginary Friend.

Hello I haven’t talked to you for awhile.  Are you still trying to outdo me with your perfectly clean house, never messy always organized.  Or are you in disarray about the mess you have accumulated, the magazines the clothes compulsively bought.  You have enough and some you wonder if you’ll be wearing at all.

You wonder why nothing looks pretty enough or orderly enough when you do place everything where it’s supposed to me.  Oh there’s my little touch of OCD I’m giving you. I often laugh about that.  Oh well I read somewhere that a little OCD never hurt anybody.  I also read that somebody said her room is messy but she knew where everything is.

That told me to reach a middle point in this OCD .  A little messiness in this need to be organized and clean.  Talk to yourself before you get off into the fashion diva and let her know that you don’t need anymore clothes, Think before you are tempted to throw everything anywhere and everywhere.  At the same time tell yourself that a little messiness never hurt anybody just like a little OCD never hurt anybody.

Rethinking & Organization

I talk about organization but would like to pass on other things that I find and learn in my daily life. I am going through something now.  I have my ups and down;  I had a revelation. I have to rethink and self-talk.

Yes I have to rethink and have a different mindset to work  myself out of the depression and the negativity,  I have a mammeogram this February.  My last  one was a year ago in February when I got the cancer diagnosis.  We all dread this.  I don’t want to spend another year of doctor’s appointments and hospital visits.

I’ll have other things on my calendar to do.  I will focus on other things and maybe even do something different this year.  I’s not about just organizing and order in our lives.  It has a lot to do with the mindset, things that go on in our life and we try to gather enough strength to face some things but we pray for a better way.  It’s there we just have to find it.

another year


Memories & Stuff

My daughter came to me with a book I have on decluttering. I think the book’s title was Stuff. She said she has too much stuff in her house and needs to declutter. The thing is sometimes we don’t know if to discard or how to get rid of some of the clutter we have. This book really helped me.

It told how sometimes we have memories but don’t know how to get rid of them or just think we shouldn’t. I think sometimes we feel guilty especially about things other people have given us. I was keeping cards, greeting cards people sent me and other thinge until I knew I had to do something. The greeting cards weren’t Aunt Nelly or other relatives and friends but just things that had no meaning.

I realized that and was able to throw most of them away except the latest and some letters. Before reading the book I felt so guilty about thinking about getting rid of them as if it was a sin. lol

Another way to handle memories is to pass them on. I did this by giving some figurines my daughter admired (my deceased Mother’s) to her. I felt good after that. It was like passing on a legacy.

I found out I was having too many photo albums and I passed on some of the family pictures on to her.

These are just a few tips on getting rid of things that we must remember are just stuff nothing more.

Writing As An Outlet

I’d like to share this

My Blog What kinda Lifestyle

I read a post titled “What do Exercise, Veggies, and Writing Have In Common.”  It made me think.  The thing I think they have in common are they are all good for health.  Writing lets me express myself.  At the same time I can sometimes write about fictional characters that have a little bit of me in them.  I enjoy this.  I can write them and apply my amateur psychology to them.

I can also express myself.  I am breast cancer survivor.  I haven’t written much about this on Word Press but joined a site with women who are also survivors and get wonderful inspiration stories from them.  Facebook Friends reached out to me when I told them when I was first diagnosed.  They gave me support and started a prayer circle.  It’s like having a sisterhood.  Before this I always thought of writing as an outlet sometimes to rant…

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