So What,s Next

So I have started decluttering again.  First my drawers and paper I don,t need anymore.The paper trail is everyday because I get so much junk mail.

In the midst of this we found expired food and got rid of.  It,s not worth getting sick.  The next and most important thing is I got two bags of clothes  together and gave to the poor.  I ve lost a few pounds and some are just too big.  Others I never wear.  The rule of decluttering is if you haven,t worn or used something in a year you probably won,t use it.  I found this to be true,

Now I have to get my mind together , rid of the chaos.  I will practice my stress rituals, reading, playing the keyboard, and exercising on my bike.





Another Shopping Trip

I went to the mall to shop and did.  I was happy because I was able to get some things I need and want to wear.  However I went in a cafe to get a bite to ea,  I started dropping bags, and became embarrassment.  My purse strap broke and my cell phone broke.

At that point I was in a panic How would I let my husband know where I was.  I was really anxious and didn’t know how I was going to get home,  I thought people would laugh at my dropping everything.  However they were nice and tried to help me.

My husband found me and I got home safely.  I don’t know what I can do to  prevent this from happening me.  I feel like a demon doesn’t like me but I have to keep on trying.  Oh well this is for organized rate poor..

Neatnik Or Hoarder

I have to write this for you.  This is something I have been doing when it comes to organizing. I found myself giving away (basically clothes) things I can still use.

In my quest to not be a hoarder I felt that if I didn’t have extra room for something or if it was last years I should give it away feeling that I had more than some.  I found myself looking for something a few times that I had given away.  I was trying to be a neatnik at the expense of myself.

I read that one lady said she started throwing away things every time she saw that show.  It probably made her cringe at the thought of becoming that.  She said that If she kept on she wouldn’t have anything in her house.

This is what we have to be careful going from one extreme to another.  Often a neat nik has a compulsion also.  I think it is just having a way that is in the middle  .This post isn’t that long but I just had to past this along.

Well I better go I have to put my drawers in order. lol






My Daily Routine

I wake up and of course brush my teeth.  I cleanse my face with Clinique facial bar.  It leaves me feeling clean and refreshed.  About three times a week I follow with Clarifying lotion #2.  I don’t use it everyday because it is rather strong.

I sometimes use Murad cleansing cream instead of Clinique when my skin begins to feel dry.  I also use a moisturizer at night.  Clean and Clear moisturizer is so light I use it under my makeup.  I don’t use much makeup at home just a tinted sunscreen at home and when I go out.  I’s a little cover.

When I go out I use an eyebrow pencil on my eyebrows and  usually Clinique or another foundation, beige on  my face.  I am olive complextion.  I use a concealer and highlighter under my eyes since I have a few lines and dark circles.  I sometimes use brown eye shadow.  I really like a creamy eye shadow called kitten by Stila.  I order quite a few of Stila and Smashbox products online.

I am giving some as Christmas presents.  I use a glossy coral lipstick by Wet and Wild and a berry one by Revlon.  I keep two of each so I’ll always have them convenient.  Yes I like drugstore cosmetics also.  I hope this has helped.  I love makeup tips.

OCD & Me

I thought I was OCD.  So I stopped arranging the drawers and moving th8ings around in my room when I got tired of looking at the same things or arrangement.  I thought I’d always be able to find things in your closet.

Maybe I can now.  After going on a recent shopping trips or maybe two or three I added clothes to my closets and had to make space for them.  I ended up taking everything out of one of my closets to find a new pair of jeans which I found folded on a shelf at the top of my closet.  I also found out I had the same pair of slacks in two different sizes.

so much for OCD.  I think I’ll go back to it so all my drawers won’t look like junk drawers and  to know where my things are.

Thanks for listening to my latest dilemma.

On Organizing-Yearly

Once or twice a year I clean and declutter.  The closets began to look junky with shoes or shoeboxes almost falling out.  I find that my clothes are smashed together and my drawers begin to be overfilled.  I notice I have lots of clothes but like certain ones and make a point of wearing them.  Some hang there waiting to be discarded or given to somebody who can use them.

I’ve been cleaning and decluttering for two days.  I also included a cosmetic box with toiletries and creams, etc that I have too much of.  I find that I have shoes in a closet that I had for a year or two that I never wear.  Mostly because they aren’t comfortable.

I purge and pack these things up to send to the shelter and at the same time making a list of new clothes I need.  Well the shelter won’t be able to pick them up until almost a week from today.  Therefore I am stuck with a messy room of containers.  However I feel so much better with neat closets and drawers and everything clean.

Thanks for letting me vent and I hope you have picked up a tip or two.