Christmas Organizing And Me

So am I organized?  I guess so.  The packages are mailed to love ones who live far from me.  I started out by just giving gift cards but decided to give other gifts feeling the love. I have given gifts to those who visited me and live closed ?

We had dinner together at a fine restaurant to celebrate.  So I have only about two more Christmas cards out.  So I guess I am okay with the timing Oh only one other thing.  Was I stressed out doing this?  Yes but it was worth it.  Now I have to remember to phone loved ones Christmas day.

Have a merry Christmas.




What,s Up or what am I Doing Now?

So I have put the summer clothes away but it is not cold where I live.  You don,t need a jacket.  However it is the day after Thanksgiving and I am in the Christmas spirit.

I have two gift cards all ready and two other gifts.  I Tthought I  I would not be getting decorations However now I am planning to buy some and put decorations in the curios.  I will probably worry my husband to get some out of the tool shed in the b ackyard.  He hates the hustle and bustle of holidays.  The good thing about this is I do not have to cook a big dinner.

I must confess when I shop for Christmas I get a few things for myself like cosmetic gift sets. I hope you will be in the Christmas spirit to.  It is the love of Jesus and a celebration of His life.

My Makeup Face

  I have tried different makeup from eyeliners to primers.  I  found out that less is more.

I would like to share this with you.  My makeup bag:  foundation in cream beige.  I like Clinque and Wet & Wild.  I use powder after my foundation to set it.  I like a peach blush.

I tend to like coral and berry shades to lipstick.  I use the dark shades when I try for an exotic look.  I also use a concealer.

I don;t try to contour anymore but when I feel like a bronzer I just use a darker shade of powder over my foundation.  It works for me.  I also use a light eyeshadow on my eyes.  It moisturizes and makes me feel pretty

Since I still have oil in my skin even though I am a senior citizen.  I just dab on Clear and Clean moisturizer I also use a light moisturizer by Aveno or aloe vera gel I get from a health store.  Well thank you for letting me share this.


So What,s Next

So I have started decluttering again.  First my drawers and paper I don,t need anymore.The paper trail is everyday because I get so much junk mail.

In the midst of this we found expired food and got rid of.  It,s not worth getting sick.  The next and most important thing is I got two bags of clothes  together and gave to the poor.  I ve lost a few pounds and some are just too big.  Others I never wear.  The rule of decluttering is if you haven,t worn or used something in a year you probably won,t use it.  I found this to be true,

Now I have to get my mind together , rid of the chaos.  I will practice my stress rituals, reading, playing the keyboard, and exercising on my bike.





Another Shopping Trip

I went to the mall to shop and did.  I was happy because I was able to get some things I need and want to wear.  However I went in a cafe to get a bite to ea,  I started dropping bags, and became embarrassment.  My purse strap broke and my cell phone broke.

At that point I was in a panic How would I let my husband know where I was.  I was really anxious and didn’t know how I was going to get home,  I thought people would laugh at my dropping everything.  However they were nice and tried to help me.

My husband found me and I got home safely.  I don’t know what I can do to  prevent this from happening me.  I feel like a demon doesn’t like me but I have to keep on trying.  Oh well this is for organized rate poor..

Neatnik Or Hoarder

I have to write this for you.  This is something I have been doing when it comes to organizing. I found myself giving away (basically clothes) things I can still use.

In my quest to not be a hoarder I felt that if I didn’t have extra room for something or if it was last years I should give it away feeling that I had more than some.  I found myself looking for something a few times that I had given away.  I was trying to be a neatnik at the expense of myself.

I read that one lady said she started throwing away things every time she saw that show.  It probably made her cringe at the thought of becoming that.  She said that If she kept on she wouldn’t have anything in her house.

This is what we have to be careful going from one extreme to another.  Often a neat nik has a compulsion also.  I think it is just having a way that is in the middle  .This post isn’t that long but I just had to past this along.

Well I better go I have to put my drawers in order. lol