So What,s Next

So I have started decluttering again.  First my drawers and paper I don,t need anymore.The paper trail is everyday because I get so much junk mail.

In the midst of this we found expired food and got rid of.  It,s not worth getting sick.  The next and most important thing is I got two bags of clothes  together and gave to the poor.  I ve lost a few pounds and some are just too big.  Others I never wear.  The rule of decluttering is if you haven,t worn or used something in a year you probably won,t use it.  I found this to be true,

Now I have to get my mind together , rid of the chaos.  I will practice my stress rituals, reading, playing the keyboard, and exercising on my bike.






My Daily Routine

I wake up and of course brush my teeth.  I cleanse my face with Clinique facial bar.  It leaves me feeling clean and refreshed.  About three times a week I follow with Clarifying lotion #2.  I don’t use it everyday because it is rather strong.

I sometimes use Murad cleansing cream instead of Clinique when my skin begins to feel dry.  I also use a moisturizer at night.  Clean and Clear moisturizer is so light I use it under my makeup.  I don’t use much makeup at home just a tinted sunscreen at home and when I go out.  I’s a little cover.

When I go out I use an eyebrow pencil on my eyebrows and  usually Clinique or another foundation, beige on  my face.  I am olive complextion.  I use a concealer and highlighter under my eyes since I have a few lines and dark circles.  I sometimes use brown eye shadow.  I really like a creamy eye shadow called kitten by Stila.  I order quite a few of Stila and Smashbox products online.

I am giving some as Christmas presents.  I use a glossy coral lipstick by Wet and Wild and a berry one by Revlon.  I keep two of each so I’ll always have them convenient.  Yes I like drugstore cosmetics also.  I hope this has helped.  I love makeup tips.

A Little Home Improvement

I had an old desk I bought at a yard sale in my room. It was practical and sturdy. However I decided I wanted a new look for my room and a different desk. I had looked in stores and not quite found what I wanted. I looked online and found one that cost $240.00 and I was thinking about getting it. However my husband had one similar in the spare room and offered it to me. I was extremely happy because I always liked it.

It matched my bedroom set and was a little bigger than the one I had. That gave me more drawer space and it was big enough to use it as a desk/vanity table. We bought a big gold framed mirror and put over it. We also put a small mirror on my wall for decoration. Now my room has a new look and I have a better desk and vanity table. I kept the older desk instead of buying a new one because I like it. Sometimes the saying they don’t make them ;like they use to is true.

Memories & Stuff

My daughter came to me with a book I have on decluttering. I think the book’s title was Stuff. She said she has too much stuff in her house and needs to declutter. The thing is sometimes we don’t know if to discard or how to get rid of some of the clutter we have. This book really helped me.

It told how sometimes we have memories but don’t know how to get rid of them or just think we shouldn’t. I think sometimes we feel guilty especially about things other people have given us. I was keeping cards, greeting cards people sent me and other thinge until I knew I had to do something. The greeting cards weren’t Aunt Nelly or other relatives and friends but just things that had no meaning.

I realized that and was able to throw most of them away except the latest and some letters. Before reading the book I felt so guilty about thinking about getting rid of them as if it was a sin. lol

Another way to handle memories is to pass them on. I did this by giving some figurines my daughter admired (my deceased Mother’s) to her. I felt good after that. It was like passing on a legacy.

I found out I was having too many photo albums and I passed on some of the family pictures on to her.

These are just a few tips on getting rid of things that we must remember are just stuff nothing more.

Seasonal Clothing

I don’t know if I told you that I declutter and organize my clothes every season. I put away the summer clothes and take the winter clothes out.

I discard the clothes that are no longer good and try to donate the ones
that are a little worn or too small and I won’t be wearing. I have a rule I got from an organizer book. If I haven’t worn something all summer or the last two summers I get rid of it. I keep that rule about if you haven’t worn or used something for a year you don’t need it.

My husband just said that I’ve been moving things around in the garage. Yes when my cabinet (we have storage cabinets and bins there) becomes too full I rearrange and see what needs to be thrown away. I try to instill this in him because he can be guilty of hoarding things sometime.

I have been going through my jeans and found out that some are too small and some are too big! I couldn’t find any I wanted in the stores so I went to an Outlet yesterday, I find thrift stores and Outlets are the best places sometimes. I got three pairs of name brand jeans slightly worn. What a wonderful find.

Oh my last tip before I close is when you store your clothes put moth balls in them. They keep away insects. Even though I wash my clothes before putting them away I wash them again when I get them out of storage because of the smell.

Confession Of An Organizer

Yes I have another organizing blog that I give tips on organizing. I love organizing I say an orderly house makes an orderly mind. I encourage putting and placing things where they belong. I don’t really like clutter. I encourage to declutter and do it weekly myself. I do accumulate clutter because I just about collect magazines and little cute things.

I spend time putting things in the right drawers, rearranging my closets and folding scarves, undies, socks etc. I rearrange things to make space. However one day while starting to straighten things and put away things I noticed something, my house was getting dirty. I knew it was time to stop the organizing and clean.

I proceeded to get out my cleaning supplies, scrub the kitchen floor, dust and general cleaning. I confess I left my bed unmade and my room messy. I left my house disorderly somewhat, but I got the cleaning done. I felt better after having done this and didn’t feel guilty. A neat display house is no good if cleaning is neglected. They go hand and hand.

I confess I have a lived in house. My husband may have the newspaper and magazines around his favorite chair in the living room but he’s comfortable and likes his home. This is what I strive for first. It’s all about anything in life you need a balance. It’s what’s important to you. I prefer a comfortable, warm house than a neat one that sacrifices comfort.

Here’s to you Home Sweet Home as they say. Enjoy your life and don’t worry about the small things.

Organizing & Creating Order

Sometimes I create something to take my mind off my problems. Yes I can be a worrier at times. Those creepy worrisome thoughts come into my mind and I worry about everything.

How do I stop? I think about other things to do to take my mind off them. I start projects like learning a new piano solo or even a little thing like a new crochet stitch. I haven’t mastered those tasks yet but I enjoy them. I play the keyboard for relaxation and I like to write.

Sometimes even organizing and labeling my things can take my mind off other things. I also update my home files. All this gives me a feeling of satisfaction while accomplishing something that needs to be done.

I love to rearrange my closets, put everyday clothes together, dresses, shoes I’m wearing and not wearing. Decluttering makes my house more spacious. I’m dropping magazine subscriptions. Two companies have taken the libery of renewing them themselves. I marked cancel on the invoices and sent them back. Please don’t give them to me free. My house needs space. I’ve found myself with some I’m not even reading. They just create clutter.

Organize. Keep the clutter down for yourself and you’ll be less stressful.