About Organizing

It’s been a long time.  I just haven’t been able to get it together to post.  When I try to be perfect nothing gets done.  Nothing looks right and I have to do it over.

When I put everything away and in order I forget where things are.  My daughter used to say that I hide things from myself.  So true.  I have a messey drawer but I know where everything is.  At last it’s spring and I can check my clothes and see what I need for spring.  I am putting the winter clothes away.  I  will donate some to a shelter like I always do.  I  have a lot of spring/summer clothes so I don’t need to go on a big shopping trip.

I just saw an advertisement for Nikes and then one for Scetchers.  My mind is opened now to that but I don’t want to have to go.  I can be a bit of a shopaholic.  That;s all for now.  Maybe I’ll write more later.  I am going to post in my blogs more.  I have about three. Any comments or suggestions will be welcomed.




So I Am almost There

I am changing or rearranging my clothes again.  I still have some summer clothes mixed in with winter  I am not one of those people who wear almost the same clothes all year round.  I don,t know how they do that.

Then there are people who can have enough space in one closet and maybe one set of drawers  That I can,t do  since my two closets are so small.  Therefore I need extra drawers and some bins to put the ones I won,t be wearing.

I must confess I like to shop and I am somewhat a shopaholic.  I am trying hard not to go shopping or think about some new trend I have to have.  I,may allow myself a new bag even though I have about ten.  I want the brand names and hopefully I will catch òne on sell.  I won,t go,over 80.00 if that.  My husband likes that I am careful not to go too high.  This would be to expensive so I will do some self talk.  By some miracle I wont buy one. Any suggestions?




So What,s Next

So I have started decluttering again.  First my drawers and paper I don,t need anymore.The paper trail is everyday because I get so much junk mail.

In the midst of this we found expired food and got rid of.  It,s not worth getting sick.  The next and most important thing is I got two bags of clothes  together and gave to the poor.  I ve lost a few pounds and some are just too big.  Others I never wear.  The rule of decluttering is if you haven,t worn or used something in a year you probably won,t use it.  I found this to be true,

Now I have to get my mind together , rid of the chaos.  I will practice my stress rituals, reading, playing the keyboard, and exercising on my bike.





Planners And Me

It has taken me awhile to write.  I am paying more attention to planners as I am getting ready for the new year.I live by planners and can’t keep myself together without them.

I have to have a notebook for Misc. notes especially to do lists, shopping lists for clothes, groceries and personals and fun lists.  I  have a composition notebook that I use as a planner to record my food diary which is everything I eat that day and also a record of exercise and other things I have accomplished.

When I come back home with my stash I write down everything that I have bought since it’s personal things but also fun things.  This is the way I see how I am spending my money and it helps me keep my budget

I did really splurge at Office Max recently.  I bought a beautiful leather bound planner with notepaper and pockets and a handle to carry it.  I could never make a planner like this.  Oh it’s a good idea to keep a journal for yourself when you want to just write your thoughts and express yourself.


Memories & Stuff

My daughter came to me with a book I have on decluttering. I think the book’s title was Stuff. She said she has too much stuff in her house and needs to declutter. The thing is sometimes we don’t know if to discard or how to get rid of some of the clutter we have. This book really helped me.

It told how sometimes we have memories but don’t know how to get rid of them or just think we shouldn’t. I think sometimes we feel guilty especially about things other people have given us. I was keeping cards, greeting cards people sent me and other thinge until I knew I had to do something. The greeting cards weren’t Aunt Nelly or other relatives and friends but just things that had no meaning.

I realized that and was able to throw most of them away except the latest and some letters. Before reading the book I felt so guilty about thinking about getting rid of them as if it was a sin. lol

Another way to handle memories is to pass them on. I did this by giving some figurines my daughter admired (my deceased Mother’s) to her. I felt good after that. It was like passing on a legacy.

I found out I was having too many photo albums and I passed on some of the family pictures on to her.

These are just a few tips on getting rid of things that we must remember are just stuff nothing more.

The Sun Came In

There was one time in my life that I could hardly get out of bed. When I did, I seem to spend my days in a depressed fog. I came out of this depression. I can say there were a lot of reasons I was depressed, lack of money, unable to go places I wanted to go to, not interested anything, going through a divorce. They are all reasons but then there were times when things like this existed in my life and I felt like nothing could knock me down. I guess that’s the fighter in me.

Sometimes we need sprit in us to rise above our problems and not let them get us down. Seeking therapy helps too. At this time in my life I feel that sometimes that monster called depression that lets any little thing knock you down is always around the corner waiting to engulf me.

However I awake often with the spirit of another day, another life to begin to finish to do the things that I like. I seem to do little things that keep me happy. Yes even the little things If I can clean and decorate my bathroom it’s a task I enjoy not some thing I’d like to do and just can’t seem to. I make little lists and notes to myself and for some reason I have more interests than I have ever had in my life. It seems that I just want to do those things like the piano solos I love to play, sewing, dancing etc. all those things I and just couldn’t seem to do.

It’s like gaining life back when you remember a time when that you were so far down you just couldn’t do those things. You develop a new zest for life, You savor the old and let the new things in. This is what life is truly about.

I once took a test for people who were depressed. One of the questions was “Were you raised that you had to suffer to get to Heaven?’ That jolted me out of the fog. It was like an epiphany. I sure was religiously raised that way. I was inadvertently doing that. That type of thinking was killing me.

I know now that God wants you to be happy. When those negative thoughts get into my mind, I practice affirmations Lately I’ve began to say one word or a chant I’ve made up in my mind. It works for me and relieves stress. So try to live life, grab it and do what you want to do. Have a zest for it. ,

Latest Happenings In My Home

I decided that it was time to declutter my home and do some organizing.
My closets were just too packed. The shoes and boxes seemed to be about to fall out.

It was time to sort through my things and see what I needed to keep and what I needed to get rid of. I have hat boxes that were just taking up space and a few other things.

We put an armoire and drawers from my old bedroom set on the patio. After my husband fixed them up they looked pretty good and made a pretty addition to the patio.

I stored some things that I don’t want to get rid of but I’m not using now in them. I put the shoes and purses in plastic storage bags and boxes.

My husband decided to get rid of some things from our storage shed in our backyard. He put them out to be picked up on our city’s pickup day in our location next week.

I also put my kitchen cabinets in order, especially canned goods and Rubbermaid containers. They look great now. I’m proud of myself. It was quite a job but I feel so much better now.

We are having a walk-in tub, hydrotherapy, installed Monday. It will take three days and be an inconvenience for awhile but I’m excited about it. I’ve been wanting a Jacuzzi forever and this will do for that.

No we are not rich but try to live a peaceful, simple, comfortable life. It’s not perfect or lavish but we know that a peaceful, warm, comfortable home is God’s blessings.