About shalilah2002

Love music especially rhythm and blues. I also like organizing and have a blog giving organizingtips. There are many things and interests I have too many to mention here. However I will tell more about myself later.

About Organizing

It’s been a long time.  I just haven’t been able to get it together to post.  When I try to be perfect nothing gets done.  Nothing looks right and I have to do it over.

When I put everything away and in order I forget where things are.  My daughter used to say that I hide things from myself.  So true.  I have a messey drawer but I know where everything is.  At last it’s spring and I can check my clothes and see what I need for spring.  I am putting the winter clothes away.  I  will donate some to a shelter like I always do.  I  have a lot of spring/summer clothes so I don’t need to go on a big shopping trip.

I just saw an advertisement for Nikes and then one for Scetchers.  My mind is opened now to that but I don’t want to have to go.  I can be a bit of a shopaholic.  That;s all for now.  Maybe I’ll write more later.  I am going to post in my blogs more.  I have about three. Any comments or suggestions will be welcomed.




Christmas Organizing And Me

So am I organized?  I guess so.  The packages are mailed to love ones who live far from me.  I started out by just giving gift cards but decided to give other gifts feeling the love. I have given gifts to those who visited me and live closed ?

We had dinner together at a fine restaurant to celebrate.  So I have only about two more Christmas cards out.  So I guess I am okay with the timing Oh only one other thing.  Was I stressed out doing this?  Yes but it was worth it.  Now I have to remember to phone loved ones Christmas day.

Have a merry Christmas.



What,s Up or what am I Doing Now?

So I have put the summer clothes away but it is not cold where I live.  You don,t need a jacket.  However it is the day after Thanksgiving and I am in the Christmas spirit.

I have two gift cards all ready and two other gifts.  I Tthought I  I would not be getting decorations However now I am planning to buy some and put decorations in the curios.  I will probably worry my husband to get some out of the tool shed in the b ackyard.  He hates the hustle and bustle of holidays.  The good thing about this is I do not have to cook a big dinner.

I must confess when I shop for Christmas I get a few things for myself like cosmetic gift sets. I hope you will be in the Christmas spirit to.  It is the love of Jesus and a celebration of His life.

So I Am almost There

I am changing or rearranging my clothes again.  I still have some summer clothes mixed in with winter  I am not one of those people who wear almost the same clothes all year round.  I don,t know how they do that.

Then there are people who can have enough space in one closet and maybe one set of drawers  That I can,t do  since my two closets are so small.  Therefore I need extra drawers and some bins to put the ones I won,t be wearing.

I must confess I like to shop and I am somewhat a shopaholic.  I am trying hard not to go shopping or think about some new trend I have to have.  I,may allow myself a new bag even though I have about ten.  I want the brand names and hopefully I will catch òne on sell.  I won,t go,over 80.00 if that.  My husband likes that I am careful not to go too high.  This would be to expensive so I will do some self talk.  By some miracle I wont buy one. Any suggestions?




My Makeup Face

  I have tried different makeup from eyeliners to primers.  I  found out that less is more.

I would like to share this with you.  My makeup bag:  foundation in cream beige.  I like Clinque and Wet & Wild.  I use powder after my foundation to set it.  I like a peach blush.

I tend to like coral and berry shades to lipstick.  I use the dark shades when I try for an exotic look.  I also use a concealer.

I don;t try to contour anymore but when I feel like a bronzer I just use a darker shade of powder over my foundation.  It works for me.  I also use a light eyeshadow on my eyes.  It moisturizes and makes me feel pretty

Since I still have oil in my skin even though I am a senior citizen.  I just dab on Clear and Clean moisturizer I also use a light moisturizer by Aveno or aloe vera gel I get from a health store.  Well thank you for letting me share this.


So What,s Next

So I have started decluttering again.  First my drawers and paper I don,t need anymore.The paper trail is everyday because I get so much junk mail.

In the midst of this we found expired food and got rid of.  It,s not worth getting sick.  The next and most important thing is I got two bags of clothes  together and gave to the poor.  I ve lost a few pounds and some are just too big.  Others I never wear.  The rule of decluttering is if you haven,t worn or used something in a year you probably won,t use it.  I found this to be true,

Now I have to get my mind together , rid of the chaos.  I will practice my stress rituals, reading, playing the keyboard, and exercising on my bike.