My Makeup Face

  I have tried different makeup from eyeliners to primers.  I  found out that less is more.

I would like to share this with you.  My makeup bag:  foundation in cream beige.  I like Clinque and Wet & Wild.  I use powder after my foundation to set it.  I like a peach blush.

I tend to like coral and berry shades to lipstick.  I use the dark shades when I try for an exotic look.  I also use a concealer.

I don;t try to contour anymore but when I feel like a bronzer I just use a darker shade of powder over my foundation.  It works for me.  I also use a light eyeshadow on my eyes.  It moisturizes and makes me feel pretty

Since I still have oil in my skin even though I am a senior citizen.  I just dab on Clear and Clean moisturizer I also use a light moisturizer by Aveno or aloe vera gel I get from a health store.  Well thank you for letting me share this.



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