My Blog Journal Of Organizing,Shopping, & My Life

So that’s just what this blog is about. I have to vent. I have to share and I have to express myself. So I have another blog on WordPress, a lifestyle one. However I’ve been into this organizing thing for a long time since I started noticing my house was being cluttered and knew I needed to take control. I’ve been into this shopping thing for quite awhile and realize I could be a candidate for a compulsive shopper. My life is ups and downs but some of the problems are just about like the average persons.

I practice stress reliever techniches and getting back into exercises. When I come back from shopping trips I like to share my finds or hauls as they are called in the fashionista world.

Come along with me and learn as I do or just let me vent and share with you. You may want to share also in your comments.


This is a picture of my granddaughter not me.   I am A senior citizen and a young girl is in me.


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