Seasonal Clothing

I don’t know if I told you that I declutter and organize my clothes every season. I put away the summer clothes and take the winter clothes out.

I discard the clothes that are no longer good and try to donate the ones
that are a little worn or too small and I won’t be wearing. I have a rule I got from an organizer book. If I haven’t worn something all summer or the last two summers I get rid of it. I keep that rule about if you haven’t worn or used something for a year you don’t need it.

My husband just said that I’ve been moving things around in the garage. Yes when my cabinet (we have storage cabinets and bins there) becomes too full I rearrange and see what needs to be thrown away. I try to instill this in him because he can be guilty of hoarding things sometime.

I have been going through my jeans and found out that some are too small and some are too big! I couldn’t find any I wanted in the stores so I went to an Outlet yesterday, I find thrift stores and Outlets are the best places sometimes. I got three pairs of name brand jeans slightly worn. What a wonderful find.

Oh my last tip before I close is when you store your clothes put moth balls in them. They keep away insects. Even though I wash my clothes before putting them away I wash them again when I get them out of storage because of the smell.


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